Traceability and Recall System at BMMC to be Established by NFCG

Recognizing the vital role that traceability and recall play in an effective food safety management system, Baldomero-Maria Milling Company (BMMC) sought the help of the Negrense Food Consultancy Group (NFCG) in establishing its traceability and recall system.

Taking the lead in assisting BMMC establish its traceability and recall system is NFCG Consultant Engr. Gian Christopher Hatton and assisted by Ms. Manna Majal Tabasen, Ms. Sari Suarez and Ms. Millie Lee. The NFCG consultants are set to conduct a three-phase training and consultancy service for BMMC.


The first phase of the training is the conduct of a gap assessment with respect to the actual operation of the plant and its documentation system. The second phase is a two-day training and coaching on documentation which will focus on the gaps identified during the first phase. Also, as part of the second phase, NFCG will assist BMMC in developing a proper monitoring and documentation system. Lastly, the third phase is the execution of a mock recall by BMMC with the guidance of NFCG.

BMMC has continually partnered with NFCG and ANP for its various food safety trainings and consultancy services as part of its commitment of delivering safe, high- quality muscovado sugar to its clients and as part of its continuous improvement and growth. BMMC has recently been accredited as supplier of muscovado sugar to different US Naval Bases.


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