The Negrense Food Consultancy Group underwent “Food Safety in Food Service” training.

The Negrense Food Consultancy Group (NFCG)  has served as training provider for local clientele in the aspect of Food Safety all over the region. With the increasing demand for Food Service Training, they felt the need to further improve their knowledge with the PD 856 (Code on Sanitation of the Philippines) and additional information on ServSafe so as to meet the demand of technical competencies for the Food Service Industry

With that in mind, The Negrense Food Consultancy Group had its Food Safety in Food Service Training on May 4-5, 2016 at the Sugarland Hotel, Bacolod City.

Facilitating the training were guest speakers Dr. Myrla Mercedes B. Gidayawan and Ms. Ava Mella D. Remonde. Dr. Gidyawan is the Cluster Head – Culinary Arts Program, of the University of San Carlos and CFCG Co-Team Leader as well as being a NRA ServSafe Food Protection Manager.


Ms. Ava Mella D. Remonde is the Chairperson of the Department of Hospitality Management, University of San Carlos. She is also a CFCG Member and a NRA ServSafe Food Protection Manager.

Among the many topics discussed by the two speakers were topics on Workplace and Safety, Personal Hygiene, excerpts from PD 856, Level of Food and beverage service, Food service equipment as well as Wine Tasting, Table Setting and Napkin Folding.


Ms. Ava demonstrating an elaborate napkin fold emphasizing that proper folding method and technique must be applied so as not compromise food safety.

The participants who attended were members of the NFCG, Faculty of the University of Saint La Salle Bacolod City, Bacolod City health department, DOST staff as well as local business owners.


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