After months of rigid trainings, preparation and installation of internal control system, the Dalaguete Vegetable Grower’s Association (DAVEGA) was finally certified under Philippine Good Agricultural Practices (PhilGAP) on June 22, 2016. The certification further strengthened the assurance that the vegetables of DAVEGA are safe and environmentally compliant in the course of production.


The GAP certification is an important component of the OURFood program as well as compliance to their buyers’ requirements. DAVEGA is the first smallholder farm to be certified in Cebu and the first high value crops farmer association to be certified.

Dalaguete particularly Mantalongon is the vegetable basket of Central Visayas. Their products reached Palawan and Region 8. It is therefore significant for the province to have the first GAP certified farmers association.


The association is also happy that finally they are able to meet the first milestone in OURFood. They already noticed the opportunities have started to flow in their organization such as new market opportunities, new ventures such as agritourism with the number of requests to benchmark and visit their farmers, new linkages who are willing to partner with them. For the association, the challenge has just begun with PhilGAP certification.



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