OURFood Partnership in Food Production, Technology & Training Leveling Up


A strengthened cooperation between AFOS and its partners DOST, CCCI, and ANP together with the concerned LGUs will be created through a new Memorandum of Agreement detailing enhanced partnerships in the various phases of food production. The MOA finalization was conducted on August 26, 2016 at Montebello Villa Hotel in Cebu City with the attendance of all major AFOS partners.

The long-time cooperative efforts between DOST and AFOS since its project beginnings in 2009 has borne significant results such as the building up of 800 farmer-partners and 150 food processor-partners. With the signing of the new MOA, OURFood Project Manager Mr. Dietmar Speckmaier expressed high hopes for more fruitful cooperative works in food production, processing and food safety in the coming project endeavors.

Dr. Anthony Sales, Regional Director of DOST XI presented the rationale of the cooperative efforts which primarily focused on:

  1. The global arena pursuing sustainable and inclusive development with environmental protection and Science and Technology enablement;
  2. Primary focus on agriculture, health and education

The SME Development Plan will soon be crafted by the SME Development Council which is primarily geared towards promoting SME sustainability. Thus, the DOST-AFOS cooperation is very timely for its integration with the SME Development Plan.

The MOA signing is set on October 10, 2016 at Dalaguete, Cebu with the Strategic Planning exercise to be done the following day in the same venue. This will enable the DOST Secretary to visit the various DOST and AFOS agri-projects in nearby areas in Dalaguete prior to the signing.


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