PSCA: Industry’s Partner in Workforce Development

pscaThe  establishment of the  Philippine School of  Culinary Arts was  conceptualized at a time when  Culinary Arts  as a specialized  program of study  had just  made  a breakthrough in the Philippines.  The founders of the schools opened PSCA with following aims:

1. To train food service personnel on technologically advanced and scientific cooking and baking practices and to this end to offer academic and technical programs consistent with the requirements prescribed by government and non-government culinary associations;

2. To acquire accreditation of academic programs with relevant government agencies such as the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for technical programs below Baccalaureate level .

The Philippine School of Culinary Arts (PSCA) accepted students  (PSCA Batch 1) in February 2003 in response to the increasing demand for culinary professionals here and abroad.  As most of the culinary schools are in Metro Manila, the founders decided to locate in Cebu to cater largely to students from the Visayas and Mindanao.

The initial course offerings were patterned after the curriculum of American culinary schools with  strong  emphasis on classical French culinary techniques.  As one of the partner training institution in the OURFood Project of AFOS Foundation, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and the Department of Science and Technology, PSCA has expanded its offering to include the Associate in Food Technology with Specialization in Bakery and Butchery.  Under the Associate in Food Technology program, enrolees undergo rigid training in food safety, basic food technology and specialized courses in bakery and butcher using the dual training approach.

The new program offering of PSCA was specifically designed to address the mismatch between the employee’s skill and the skills required in the industry.    With its highly-qualified team of instructors and excellent facilities, PSCA has graduated two batches of Associate in Food Technology with Specialization in Bakery, while the third batch is on the pipeline.  Under the lead of its School Director, Ms. Libia Chavez, PSCA has provided training on Food Technology for the members of the Cebu Food Consultancy Group.  PSCA is also a partner Technical-Vocational Institute of the K to 12 Plus Project, another cooperation project of AFOS and the CCCI.

Today, the Philippine School of Culinary Arts produces not only world-class chefs but also highly competent and highly qualified workforce for Cebu’s food industry.


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