Topnotch Food Tech is OURFood Trainor

Libia de Lima – Chavez is one of the leading food technologists in the country. Ma’am Libi as she is fondly called, finished her BS Food Technology and MS in Food Science from the University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City.

Mdm. Libia de Lima-Chavez in action.

Her vast experience in the fields of food technology, food science and food safety includes being the managing director and senior consultant of Food Development and Training Systems, Inc., product development manager of the Poultry Division of Pure Foods Corporation, operations manager of Ocean Fresh Foods Corporation, assistant production manager of PIC Food Corporation and head for Food Research, Development and Processing of Aguinaldo Development Corporation. Being an ‘Iska’, she has inspired many to become Food Technologists like her especially during her stint as a professor at O.B. Montessori College, Assumption College, and Philippine Women’s University.

Ma’am Libi has authored and co-authored several several college textbooks including “Food, Water, and Environmental Safety and Sanitation for Food Service”, “Basic Foods for Filipinos”, and “Practical Food Processing and Preservation”. She also has served as editor of Food Safety Bulletin, a quarterly publication of FAFST and managing editor of the Philippine Journal of Food Science and Technology, a former publication of the Philippine Association of Food Technologists.

Being a top notch food technologist, she has worked with several international organizations and government agencies at different levels and capacity. She was an Expert Consultant to the World Health Organization Experts Meeting on Application of HACCP in Small and Less Developed Businesses    in 2001,      a Senior Consultant for Fish and Fishery Products for the Department of Agriculture from 1997 to 2000, Senior Consultant for Quality Improvement of Processed Fruits and Vegetable for Japanese Market for the Department of Trade and Industry and Senior Associate Consultant of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

She has remained active in different professional organizations including the Philippine Association of Food Technologists, Inc., Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Association, Inc., Institute of Food Technologists (USA) and Foundation for the Advancement of Food Science and Technology.

With her expertise and experience in the food industry and the academe, she has helped OURFood in the conceptualization and development of the curriculum and modules for its Associate in Food Technology program which aims to equip employees with the skills needed in the industry. The Philippine School of Culinary Arts, where she currently serves as Executive Director, is also the delivering institution of OURFood’s Associate in Food Technology Program in Bakery and Butchery. Ma’am Libi has mentored and coached members of the Cebu Food Consultancy Group in the delivery of training and consultancy services in food safety and food technology to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.   Her inputs made CFCG’s training and consultancy services relevant to the needs of the Cebuano food entrepreneurs.


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